Mise en place

Mise en place: Claudio Rotunno Events Designer

For your prestigious event, we'll take care of arranging a luxurious and impeccable mise en place and table design.
We'll arrive at the event location with our luxury tableware and set up your perfect table according to the dictates.
The catering service, even if it's carried out by the staff of a starred chef, always needs to be valorised by the right mise en place where gourmet dishes and fine wines are the protagonists.
If you need personalized glasses, fine porcelain or refined mats, we'll take care of everything, giving you our experience in the art of receiving.

The perfect mise en place for prestigious events

When organizing the mise en place for your event, nothing will be left to chance. We'll meticulously study the table design, match the right table centrepiece for the floral design and select the most scenic and precious fabrics for the tablecloths.
We'll organize the seating, choosing the shape of the table and the perfect number of seats, nothing will be left to chance.
We know how important the mise en place is in a prestigious event, it represents the common thread between an excellent catering service and the location.
We can also take care of the cadeau dedicated to your party to amaze your guests and the 2D printing of invitations, menus or whatever you prefer.

Mise en place & Styling of Events

We can advise you on the right styling for the tables of your event. Whatever theme you may choose, needs its matching tableware: we'll choose the perfect combination of fabrics and centrepieces to enhance the courses, topped with plates and matching glasses.
Our table settings aren't only beautiful and functional but also sensational and completely personalized.

In addition to a large collection of sets and luxury porcelain, silverware and precious buffet materials, Claudio Rotunno Events Designer offers the rental of specific equipment for setting up any type of banquet.