Graphic design and rendering

Graphic design and rendering for events

The Claudio Rotunno Events Designer agency takes care of outlining the entire design of the event. We use the latest generation of graphic design and rendering.
We will skilfully combine atmospheres, decorations and environments following your directives but with our touch, so that the planning results harmonious where beauty blends with functionality.
We love to create glamour, but to reach our standards the sparkle must equal perfection, for this we use rendering, writing down the project of your event.
We'll amaze you with an impeccable graphic design that will give concreteness to our proposals: you'll feel the temptation raise of wanting to be already there to enjoy your evening.

Graphic design and rendering: what the Event Designer can do for you

  • We will understand what you want deep down: an event designer takes you by the hand and advises you on how to realize your dreams and ideas in your event. Relying on professionals for the design of your event means blending experience and imagination for an impeccable result.
  • We will create a virtual plan: we know how important the event is for you and your desire to have everything under control. Thanks to the rendering and a skilful graphic design you can really get a complete idea of what the design of the event will be. We will use rendering software to show you the rooms, decorations and set-up so that you won't have any surprises and you can make all the changes you want.

Design and rendering: discover the design of your event

Rendering software can help you visualize your event in advance, recreating all the environments and scenes in 2D-3D. You will thus be able to view the work of the Claudio Rotunno Event Designer through high resolution and realistic images.
The three-dimensional design will give you a real to life effect. t as when your event really comes to life. We will get to the heart of the project by observing its details, structure, the combination of the fittings and all the materials, the furnishing accessories, the effect of the color palette and the chosen lights. No finishing, system arrangements nor floral compositions will be left to chance.

Discover in advance the elegance and uniqueness of your event design from every angle. With Claudio Rotunno Events Designer you can.