Porto Cervo

Location for events in Porto Cervo

The Claudio Rotunno Events Designer agency would like to present Li Neuli, the splendid location for events in Porto Cervo, ideal for those who want to stand out and enjoy exclusive and comfortable places in total privacy.
You'll have at your disposal the Li Neuli Country Club, an enchanting luxury hotel, perfect for the types of events that our agency organizes.
In the heart of a vast natural park, you will be enchanted by the white façade of the Country House that shines against the blue Sardinian sky, thanks to the red of the earth and the wooden pergola.
Organizing a party at the Li Neuli Club, thanks also to our event organization service, will create an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests by leading them to a dreamy and elegant space among the most exclusive in Porto Cervo.

Location for events: why choose Porto Cervo

Among the most exclusive areas of the Costa Smeralda, stands out Porto Cervo, a location with an ideal position in the green heart of Sardinia.
Li Neuli is a country club on the slopes of Monte Moro (the splendid hill behind Porto Cervo), a place that offers incomparable views of the coast and cherishes a vast archaeological heritage in nearby Arzachena.

Choosing Porto Cervo for your event means opting for a destination different from the others, a location with a wide selection of exclusive services that you will no longer be able to do without.
The fairytale charm of the Sardinian coast, the turquoise waters that bathe the white beaches and the unforgettable sunsets make up the perfect setting in which to celebrate your luxury events.
The location for events in Porto Cervo Li Neuli represents a unique mix where design, luxury and local traditions are intimately intertwined.

Prefer the Claudio Rotunno Events Designer agency for your sumptuous events in Porto Cervo, amaze your guests with a fabulous mise en place, table design, lighting, gourmet experience designed just for you.

We will accompany you in a unique journey which will take into account your tastes, fulfilling every type of request.