Sails and sliding roof

Sale, rental and set-up of pergolas and sails

The Claudio Rotunno Events Designer deals with the sale, rental and fitting of the best design pergolas and sails in Italy and abroad.
If you are looking for a unique and refined setting for your outdoor spaces, that can be quickly installed in maximum safety, then a pergola or a sail is what you need. They will be perfect for sheltering guests from the sun or to highlight the style of the chosen space.
We can limit our task just in the renting of pergolas and sails of different sizes and of great quality, but in case of doubts about where to place them, we can provide you with technical consulting and advices on how to make the most of them.
For the rental and fitting of your pergolas and mobile sails rely on the Claudio Rotunno Events Design agency and our services:

  • Rental and sale of any type of mobile sails: roll-up structures built according to nautical technologies, resistant to salt and sunlight, ideal for covering terraces, verandas and cockpits of boats and yachts.
  • Rental and sale of mobile covers: sliding awnings on lateral guides that can be closed in a few moments even electrically, designed to protect from sunrays, rain and wind (supported by iron, aluminium or wood structure)
  • Installation of sails and sliding covers with specialized personnel and technical testing certifications
  • Customized set-up service