Outdoor heaters

Rental and sale of outdoor heaters in Sardinia

The Claudio Rotunno Events Designer agency sells and rents outdoor heaters in Sardinia, ideal for restaurants, hotels, verandas, tensile structures and any outdoor space.
In addition to the rental and sale of outdoor heaters in Sardinia, we will take care, along with our specialized team, of the certified installation of these heaters in your tensile structures, gazebos, verandas, sheds and outdoor spaces.
Buying or renting outdoor heaters in Sardinia for a winter event or to contain a temperature drop during a cold season is a very smart choice. A cold environment would otherwise afflict your guests making them feel uncomfortable and willing to leave the location as soon as possible, but thanks to this solution, every luxury event worthy of respect will cuddle its guests with a first-class treatment, a distinguishing mark of these events.

Rental and sale of outdoor heaters in Sardinia: features

  • Autonomy up to 30 hours with LPG or methane gas operating
  • Ignition by remote control with buttons to adjust the flame
  • Easy movement thanks to the wheel kit
  • Installation and transport service with our specialized team
  • Issue of technical testing certifications for safety parameters