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The Claudio Rotunno Events Designer agency was founded in 1998 from an entrepreneurial intuition of Claudio Rotunno who after his studies decided to leave Sassari for Milan.
Moving to a Milan, a hotbed of ideas, he was kidnapped by the sparkle of the great organisational team and staging of Milanese events. As a newbie he struggled to give his contribution but he was determined to have in the future a leading role in the organization and set-up of events.
As a passionate of beauty and international culture, Claudio Rotunno returned to his hometown Sassari with a head full of dreams and ideas. Here he rents a small spot and starts planning and carrying out the first local events. He soon acquires the expertise for always more innovative services as well as increasingly prestigious equipment and materials to be offered to national and then international customers.

Claudio Rotunno has come a long way and today the Claudio Rotunno Events designer agency can boast two offices: one in Italy in the splendid setting of Porto Cervo, and the other abroad in the prestigious Monte Carlo.
The core business is now increasingly aimed at complex international luxury events, staging perfect show machines capable of making all participants dream.
For this reason, Claudio Rotunno is reconfirmed year after year at the helm of prestigious events, because his company is capable of taking care of every single detail and interpretating the desires of every famous entrepreneur who call him.

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Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo

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Monte Carlo

How we work

Every new event organized by Claudio Rotunno and his staff is designed under the banner of uniqueness and luxurious refinement. We can manage any type of set-up, even for big spaces with an all-round service (management, organization and set-up) for prestigious events, to obtain selective receptions planned to perfection and extremely tailor-made. Tailor-made because we love to listen to our clients and we strive to find the perfect location with the style that best suits their desires.

We love to amaze guests with the best services of excellence: menus prepared by starred chefs accompanied by wines of international standing, memorable locations and refined furnishings.
Thanks to the direction of Claudio Rotunno, the staff, carefully trained by him, will stage innovative ideas.
All those who choose Claudio Rotunno know that they can rely on his great creative instinct which, along with his courage and foresight, is the basis of the magic formula of his company: a mix of unique ingredients and skills that make every event unforgettable.

We always find the answers because we never stop looking for them. Trust us.

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